6 Secrets to a job Diet

First of all, I still have a problem with the word "diet". Most people equate diet with all the "fad diet" words.Can not say I blame them. After all, even if there are some good diet plans out there, most diets we hear are usually quite twisted, based on poor science or incomplete, and do not work. I covered all the time also many, so let's move on.For the moment, for the sake of this article, we'll some dignity to the word "diet" and use it to designate a list of foods that we eat, as well as instructions on preparing the meal when eating , how to eat, and so on.

My diet of choice is simple, filling, fun and so easy to follow that I do not have to count calories, get out of my way to plan, worry about eating out, keep track of what I eat, or get tired of eating the same thing. Heck, I do not even "on" or he must worry about falling "off" it!However, this is another article that I have not written yet. For now, I'll just say that you might want me to eat any meat, fish, cheese, eggs, milk, and I want the rest of my meals and snacks revolve around fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains. I also removed the sugar as much as possible ... which seems hard to do at first because it is in food for so many years. But it can be done and I lost a lot of weight in excess of eating this way, my blood pressure dropped and I feel much better than before I changed my eating habits. And I exercised regularly for years!Once you decide to eat in a way good for your health, probably because you have not been doing, here are some tips to help you succeed.1. Do not make sudden huge changes: For one thing, it can make you feel worse, not better! For example, you should have about 25 to 30 grams of fiber in your diet every day. Most of us do not get that much. If you suddenly introduce this amount of fiber in your diet ...Well, believe me, you will not be satisfied with the results!In addition, a sudden change in lifestyle many different ways becomes a chore. You must keep track of so many things and even if you succeed in this, you will always feel that these changes are in place all your time and attention. Add in the fact that no new plans will make you look and feel good right now, and you will find that there are many excuses to throw in the towel.2. Do not cut calories drastically: It seems wrong to me to say that cutting calories to the bone can actually lead to you to gain weight, but this is what can happen. Your body has built-in mechanisms for survival, and one of them is sometimes called the "starvation response." When you cut calories deeply, not only do you feel bad (in more than one way that you feel you are somehow punished for being overweight), but the body begins to make adjustments in their needs which may cause you actually gain weight more ... especially when you back off the diet.Another point, by the way, is that your body needs many nutrients, and it normally gets them from the food you eat. Suddenly, eating a lot less can mean that you do not get the nutrients you need.3. Enjoy what you eat, or eat what you like. If all you can eat is cabbage soup, or some such nonsense, you get tired ... but not as you wish! You give sooner or later, probably sooner, and join the ranks of those who have tried diet and "failed". You will not miss, really. You'll just come to your senses.There are plenty of delicious, nutritious foods out there, and if you can not find them, you just are not trying. Even the "bad" ones are not really harm your diet if taken occasionally in moderation. As all of your food choices are good, the occasional piece of pie or a bowl of ice cream will not derail your weight loss process.4. In fact, you should reward good behavior: Knowing that you do not have to completely separate yourself from all the foods you know and love so well, it will be easier to try new foods and stay with them. When I changed my eating habits, I learned that sweet potatoes have been better for me than regular potatoes. I never liked sweet potatoes, and, in fact, they had avoided because they were "soft". They actually have more fiber and a low glycemic index (a good thing in general) than regular potatoes. Now I eat regularly and have trouble deciding if they are part of the meal or dessert!5. Understanding what happens: You do not have to take a course in nutrition to understand what you're supposed to do, but it is useful to have some facts to go on. Learn more about "good carbs" and "bad carbs". Get the facts and learn the difference between dietary fat, body fat, and visceral (abdominal) fat. To the bone of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Above all, do not look for the quick fix, and do not think just because you've seen on the cover of a magazine, or even on the internet where all things are true, some magical way to lose weight get six inches taller, and winning the lottery is indeed a fact.
 Perhaps this article! Do a little reasearch. Read! Learn! I mentioned some "facts" about potatoes and sweet potatoes. Is this true? Look it up! What would you say strange words I used earlier, "glycemic index"? What is it? Does it work? Can you use it? I do.6. Exercise: If you've read any of my articles, you knew it would be there somewhere. What good is weight loss if you can not hold a book to read or play with the kids, or in my case, grandchildren, because you are too weak or have no energy. Exercise makes you stronger, improves your posture, helps to strengthen your immune system, delays and minimizes most of the conditions that come with age. In addition, it helps you to find, not to create the energy to do more, including fun things ... and it burns fat.

There you go. Six secrets of making a work plan ... if you want.

by Jamal samaa